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Hi Y’all. I’m Shonelle Grant owner of Girlfriend’s Nail Shoppe located in the St. Matthews neighborhood in Louisville, Kentucky. My career spans over 18 years both as an Education Ambassador for Revlon Professional and owner of Girlfriend’s Nail Shoppe. It has been my passion to make women and girls look and feel beautiful! As a nail pro and educator, I provide exceptional nail care for my clients, as well love to educate and encourage them to bring their inner beauty out for the world to see. Through my work, home and away, I have reached hundreds of women and created a community that uplifts, supports and empowers them to chase their passions and share their gifts, while always remembering to be charming while doing so. My dream to continue this journey was born and with that came the creation of Polished Boutique. Polished is filled with items, gift, accessories, and so much more! They range from simple and southern, trendy and fun to CLASSY BUT SASSY, all at an affordable price. I can’t wait to see you soon and continue sharing my dream with you!

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